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Stoves with wraparound back boilers for heating domestic water and/or radiators.
Olymberyl Aidan boiler stove. Output: 21Kw
Item Details
Olymberyl Aidan boiler stove. Output: 21Kw
Item Name
Olymberyl Aidan boiler stove. Output: 21Kw
Item #
Olymberyl Aidan
Fuel Type
21Kw (6Kw to room and 15 to the water)
Height: 827mm Width: 610mm Depth: 610mm

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The Olymberyl Aidan Multifuel Boiler Stove is the single best-selling boiler stove in Ireland in Ireland for the simple reason that, for a stove of this size - and there aren't that many much bigger - it represents exceptional value for money with outstanding performance.

For many Owners it is the only source of heat and hot water, and the Olymberyl Boiler Stove has well and truly earned its reputation as a reliable workhorse which can easily heat between 10-12 radiators (depending on size).

  • EN13240 CE Approved
  • 5 years guarantee on body work and boiler
  • Clean Burn technology including Secondary Burn for improved efficiency
  • Air Wash System for cleaner glass
  • External ash riddler
  • Separate ash pan chamber for easier ash removal
  • Insulated fire box to increase performance
  • Safe Overnight Burn for quick starts on cold mornings
  • Tertiary Air System with adjustable thermostat for efficient control
  • unfortunatly due to the success of this stove it has been copied by many , but never equaled , dont be fooled unless it has OLYMBERYL on the side its not the original .
Olymberyl Aidan 21kw boiler stove 12+ rads
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